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However, the principal goal of this typology is not the architectural or social interest, the main purpose is to be economically profitable. The project needs a different, attractive and powerful idea in order to achieve both the architectural and economic goal. This powerful idea comes from the understanding of the context. The context is complex: there are several shopping malls quite close to it, and they are not prosperous at all.

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Nevertheless, this context suggests that this situation could be reversed. The plot has the enormous constraint of being located next to the T-4 of Madrid-Barajas airport. Due to the large increase in air cargo transactions, the airport needs to undertake an expansion of its cargo terminal.

Taking advantage of the linear relationship between the world of sales and goods, the project proposes to connect the plot with the airport, which is just over one kilometer away. Therefore, the new building will be at the same time the planned shopping mall and a logistics center in search of mutual benefit of both uses.

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The logistics layer takes advantage of the reduced costs and delivery times. Whenever you add a new reference to your library, it is highly recommended that your review its details for accuracy. Your ability to cite accurately is dependent on the accuracy of your library entries, so we recommend taking the time to thoroughly review new additions.

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Thesis 2.0.1 Skin Management Part 5 – Skin Manager – Backup and Export Skin Data

Mendeley Desktop Introduction Desktop interface Adding documents Watch the opening clip of this video to preview it, the full video is available to paid members. Notice the very first thing you see here is the name, Manage Skin Thesis Classic.

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If we want to manage another skin, then we have to switch to that skin first. You can see now that it has been created, it gives us the date, it gives the notes, it allows you to restore this. It allows you to export it then it also allows you to delete this backup.

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That means that this backup will completely replace the skin that we have here. The data is the template configurations. Images are not part of the skin data so when you backup your skin data or export your skin data or restore your skin data, you are not doing anything to these images.

The same thing is also true with the skin files.